Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Today is a new day!

Hello all!

Sorry this is coming to you 2 days late! With trying to finish up my final and catching up on some work, this was one of the things that I could wait to write until today... but today was my deadline!! :)

I did weigh myself on Monday morning so I do have accurate information for you.

Re-start Weight: 224.0

My first goal is to get to 200 pounds by August 10. Why August 10? Because my husband said he would by me a much needed new motherboard for my computer if I make it!

We made a side bet also.... He would like to lose 15 pounds (Whatever!!) Who ever loses their set amount of weight first gets a Volbeat sweatshirt. He has to lose 15 and I have to lose 24. It may sound a little unfair, but I know I can win!

I think I may have an unfair advantage. I am going to do Weight Watchers. I know, I know... but third time has to be a charm right!? I really think I will be able to stick with it because not only is my cousin an amazing support to me, but my Dad and Beth are also on the program. They actually spoke to me about it last night and it inspired me to want to do it with them! I know with the three of them to support me and all of you, I can not fail!

DON'T FORGET!! You are all invited to Zumba Wednesdays at my house starting May 5th! Bring a veggie or healthy snack to share if you would like. It starts at 6:30. We will do it every Wednesday from then on. We will start with the Zumba introduction (its about an hour) to get the moves down. If we still feel like we need some more practice, we will do the introduction the next week. This is going to be an at your own pace thing, so only do what you can. If you feel like pushing yourself, do it!!

Thank you everyone for your support! I am excited to see the scale next Monday!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Sometimes it takes someone else to believe in you before you can believe in yourself.... and sometimes that is not even enough. You all believed in me, and I felt I let you down when the weight would not come off. I wanted to be strong, I wanted it not to bother me, but it did... so I did what I do best, I gave up.

I will no longer allow that for myself. I can not give up! I have someone that depends on me and the way I have been treating myself will only harm her in the long run. Since January I have let myself go, and with that i have almost put all of the weight back on. Not only have I put the weight back on, but I no longer wear makeup, do my hair, or care what I look like when I leave the house. Touch of depression? Possibly. More likely it is a case of focusing on everything else in my life except myself. From school, to my first job, to my second job,... to my third job and my beautiful 7 month old baby I have taken all focus off myself and have in my mind become invisible.

I am not invisible. I am here and worth being looked at.

What I ask of you, my friends, please do not give up on me! I can do this with your help and support. :)

Good news... I now use my outlook calendar and have my blog and weigh in scheduled for every week! If you do not see my post... bother me until you do! :)

I love you all--thank you for everything!