Thursday, June 16, 2011

WW and I

As most of you know Weight Watchers and I have had a whirl wind relationship. Though its feelings towards me have never changed, always giving me constant information and support through meetings with a plan that only improves with change. However, I, I have loved and hated it both so deeply. I had great success with the diet in 2000 and when I allowed life to convince me that I did not need it I put all the weight back on. I tried time and time again to follow the plan on my own and have not had success since the first time.

People always say there is a point in your life when you know in your heart that you are ready to give in and give control up. I hit that point when I took a look at these pictures.

It was the picture of me in my green sweatshirt that sealed the deal. I re-joined WW on Monday and and not looking back!

I am on day 4 and this is usually the point I start to lose my inspiration. I feel great! I am loving the new Points Plus program and am making changes not only in my diet but in other areas of my life!

This is going to remain one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, but with the support of all of my loved ones... I am going to do this!

Here are my stats, I will include my WW weight loss along with the total loss since I started this blog.

Start Weight: 230.5
Today: 216.2 (WW first weigh in)
Total +/- since blog start: -14.3
Loss since joining WW: ...we will see next week!!

I was so pleasantly surprised when I weighed in on Monday, I had lost over a pound since last week! YAY!!

I love you all!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Here it is...

I am sending out a shout out to all of my friends out there.

I have a favor.

I can not do this on my own.

I know it.

I was wondering if I could have some of you volunteer to be my coach. You could offer me one day, a few days,... whatever. What I would ask is that I could call you in the morning of the days we work out and I go over my goals for the day. That is all. It will just be my morning reality check. I will also tell you how I did the previous days. Once we get the business out of the way we can chat! :) Just message me on facebook, call me, or reply to this post and we can get it all worked out. I thank you in advance!

Here is my week:
This week lets start with the numbers:
Start Weight: 230.5
Today: 217.5
Total +/-: -13

Down another pound! YAY!! I am so afraid I will be going the other way soon. I see myself slipping and I need help.

Sorry this is so short! I love you all!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Easy come, easy....go?

This week lets start with the numbers:
Start Weight: 230.5
Today: 218.5
Total +/-: -12

No change. I was really thinking there would be a gain there because I had my last day at the theater last week. Wow did that throw me in for a doozy! What a sad emotional day! It was not however only my last day at the theater, but also the day Adie learned to crawl! I consider it that day a great day of firsts and lasts. It also reminded me that my little lady is now mobile and I will need to start keeping up with her, no more half assing this, I need to get it together!

I was on the phone with a lady last week and we were talking about how hard losing weight actually is. She said, "Easy come, easy go! That does not apply to weight loss!" All I could think of was how true! It seems like it is so easy to pack on the pounds because you do not think about it while it is happening. However, when you are trying to take it back off it is all you can think about!

ZUMBA tonight!! I hope anyone and everyone can be here! We have such a good time. Also- not to bring you by with food, but I have a fresh pineapple that i am going to cut for the occasion. :)

Have a great week everyone! I will post more next week!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Never say die!

I hope you all are having a wonderful week!! I have been BUSY! If you tried to read my post form last week and it was not there, for some reason blogger had to take away all posts that were posted on a certain day for a bit... but it is back now so please feel free to check it out!

Well I guess the big news in my life is I bought a bike! I love it! I did a one mile ride today before posting this... and wow, is it work! I think that thing that hurts the most is my butt!! :) My thighs were burning, but my butt was screaming. Please say it gets better! :) I would love to be riding up to a few miles a day before we leave on vacation so I can ride around the beautiful grounds are cabins are on. Lets be honest, I feel a little wicked witch of the west when I am riding... do-do-do-do-duh-do.....

ZUMBA last week was amazing!! What a work out! I had so much fun with the girls. :) Please join us this week if you can!

Now, lets talk about diet. I am loving being on Weight Watchers.... but I am finding so may challenges! I really am my own worst enemy. Lets take a look at my Thursday.... I work form 9am until I can leave the theater... usually around 11pm. My brain tells me that I should give myself a little treat because I am working SOOOO Hard! Where did I learn that rewards always need to come in the form of some sort of food? It is such a hard habit to break. However, I have found little that feels as rewarding. This is my challenge, this is what I need to work on and re-program in my head.

Here are my stats for the week: :)
Start Weight: 230.5
Today: 218.5
Total +/-: -12

Down 2 pounds form last week!

I have broken the 219 barrier that has been holding me back!! I am so excited about this! Now I need to keep up the hard work and not give up! ... Goonies Never Say Die! ...and yes, I will do the truffle shuffle for you if requested. :)

I hope everyone has a great week! Talk to you all soon.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The world keeps spinning.

I know why I have waited until Wednesday to post this. I would like to say it was because I have been SOOOOO busy. But it is not. It is because I gained 1 pound back. I know I am more dissappointed with myself than anyone else. I can even point out the 55 things that I believe could have attributed this gain back.

...but I know 2 things. The world keeps spinning, and I am NOT giving up!

Start Weight: 230.5
Today: 220.5
Total +/-: -10

I have been doing my best to focus more on working out then I ever have. I am trying not to be unrealistic. In fact, if I get a 1 mile walk in for the day I am proud of myself. I can see myself in the future finally doing the 3 day breast cancer walk that I feel is so important for me to do! Right now though, I am just starting and I am happy where I am.

Zumba tonight at 6:30! I had such a good time last week! It is so much fun to work out with friends!! Come and join us!!

I have my vacation set for July! I am getting so excited. Scott, Adie, and I along with family are going to the UP and renting cottages. I can not wait to make new memories a show Adie around!! Along with relaxing, I plan on hanging out with some black bears, eat the best flurry ever, see wild life, visit with my family, go to picture rocks, and just enjoying all that life has to offer!!

I would like to be in better shape! I would love to feel better about putting a swim suit on. This vacation is a perfect thing to focus on and work towards! :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Books, books, books!

I did some gardening this weekend... the only difference between me and the lady bending over here is my bloomers were red with blue dots! Hahaha!

Just kidding. However, when I was gardening, these wood cut outs did come to my mind. I never understood them when I was young... and skinny... and fit. I am excited to see how much better I feel as I continue on this journey. To know how difficult some things are now and how they could be so much easier!

Books-oh-books! I have been going thorough my house and getting some much needed clean out done. I have come across my proven weight loss trick! ....or I guess that is what I would have liked to believe when I purchased many, oh so many, books with the golden diet.

Here is a small list... I sadly know there I will find more...
1. Make over your metabolism. 4 weeks to a faster metabolism and fitter, firmer body.
2. Dr. Phil s Ultimate Weight loss Solution.
3. Eat Smart, Walk Strong. Leslie Sansone's diet and exercise book.
4. Alli diet book.
5. 8 minuets in the morning.
6. Many, Many Weight Watchers books.
7. (the kicker!) 21 Pounds in 21 Days.
8. Mindless Eating.

I will not sit here and say these books meant nothing, or taught me nothing. They all did. I have learned something from all of them. I just think how sad it is that I have books going back at least 10 years. That is how long my struggle has been! It is so easy to have someone say they have the cure and I just want to believe so bad!

What all these books have taught me is that I have to find it within myself. To pick an eating plan I know I can stay on and focus on that one.

I chose Weight Watchers! They continue to grow and change and improve. I am excited to tell you my success!!

Start Weight: 230.5 (from blog start)
Last week's re-start weight: 224.0
Today: 219.5
Total +/-: -11

BAM! Down 4.5 pounds from last week! I feel so different this time. I feel a strength coming through me giving me the power not to give up! It will be so easy for me to give up, but with all of you by my side I am strong!

Thank you all!

Remember- Zumba this Wednesday! Please let me know if you are coming. The number of people will tell me where we will Zumba at (upstairs or down).

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Today is a new day!

Hello all!

Sorry this is coming to you 2 days late! With trying to finish up my final and catching up on some work, this was one of the things that I could wait to write until today... but today was my deadline!! :)

I did weigh myself on Monday morning so I do have accurate information for you.

Re-start Weight: 224.0

My first goal is to get to 200 pounds by August 10. Why August 10? Because my husband said he would by me a much needed new motherboard for my computer if I make it!

We made a side bet also.... He would like to lose 15 pounds (Whatever!!) Who ever loses their set amount of weight first gets a Volbeat sweatshirt. He has to lose 15 and I have to lose 24. It may sound a little unfair, but I know I can win!

I think I may have an unfair advantage. I am going to do Weight Watchers. I know, I know... but third time has to be a charm right!? I really think I will be able to stick with it because not only is my cousin an amazing support to me, but my Dad and Beth are also on the program. They actually spoke to me about it last night and it inspired me to want to do it with them! I know with the three of them to support me and all of you, I can not fail!

DON'T FORGET!! You are all invited to Zumba Wednesdays at my house starting May 5th! Bring a veggie or healthy snack to share if you would like. It starts at 6:30. We will do it every Wednesday from then on. We will start with the Zumba introduction (its about an hour) to get the moves down. If we still feel like we need some more practice, we will do the introduction the next week. This is going to be an at your own pace thing, so only do what you can. If you feel like pushing yourself, do it!!

Thank you everyone for your support! I am excited to see the scale next Monday!