Monday, May 2, 2011

Books, books, books!

I did some gardening this weekend... the only difference between me and the lady bending over here is my bloomers were red with blue dots! Hahaha!

Just kidding. However, when I was gardening, these wood cut outs did come to my mind. I never understood them when I was young... and skinny... and fit. I am excited to see how much better I feel as I continue on this journey. To know how difficult some things are now and how they could be so much easier!

Books-oh-books! I have been going thorough my house and getting some much needed clean out done. I have come across my proven weight loss trick! ....or I guess that is what I would have liked to believe when I purchased many, oh so many, books with the golden diet.

Here is a small list... I sadly know there I will find more...
1. Make over your metabolism. 4 weeks to a faster metabolism and fitter, firmer body.
2. Dr. Phil s Ultimate Weight loss Solution.
3. Eat Smart, Walk Strong. Leslie Sansone's diet and exercise book.
4. Alli diet book.
5. 8 minuets in the morning.
6. Many, Many Weight Watchers books.
7. (the kicker!) 21 Pounds in 21 Days.
8. Mindless Eating.

I will not sit here and say these books meant nothing, or taught me nothing. They all did. I have learned something from all of them. I just think how sad it is that I have books going back at least 10 years. That is how long my struggle has been! It is so easy to have someone say they have the cure and I just want to believe so bad!

What all these books have taught me is that I have to find it within myself. To pick an eating plan I know I can stay on and focus on that one.

I chose Weight Watchers! They continue to grow and change and improve. I am excited to tell you my success!!

Start Weight: 230.5 (from blog start)
Last week's re-start weight: 224.0
Today: 219.5
Total +/-: -11

BAM! Down 4.5 pounds from last week! I feel so different this time. I feel a strength coming through me giving me the power not to give up! It will be so easy for me to give up, but with all of you by my side I am strong!

Thank you all!

Remember- Zumba this Wednesday! Please let me know if you are coming. The number of people will tell me where we will Zumba at (upstairs or down).

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