Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Easy come, easy....go?

This week lets start with the numbers:
Start Weight: 230.5
Today: 218.5
Total +/-: -12

No change. I was really thinking there would be a gain there because I had my last day at the theater last week. Wow did that throw me in for a doozy! What a sad emotional day! It was not however only my last day at the theater, but also the day Adie learned to crawl! I consider it that day a great day of firsts and lasts. It also reminded me that my little lady is now mobile and I will need to start keeping up with her, no more half assing this, I need to get it together!

I was on the phone with a lady last week and we were talking about how hard losing weight actually is. She said, "Easy come, easy go! That does not apply to weight loss!" All I could think of was how true! It seems like it is so easy to pack on the pounds because you do not think about it while it is happening. However, when you are trying to take it back off it is all you can think about!

ZUMBA tonight!! I hope anyone and everyone can be here! We have such a good time. Also- not to bring you by with food, but I have a fresh pineapple that i am going to cut for the occasion. :)

Have a great week everyone! I will post more next week!

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