Monday, November 15, 2010

First Weigh In.

I was so excited to weigh in this morning and I can truly say that has never happened before! I have been feeling good about this go-around in dieting and I think it has to do with my wonderful support group! I could not do this with out your encouragement and love.

So here it is before I ramble on forever... :)
Start weight: 230.5
Week 1: 223.5
Total Loss: -7

What is that you say!? Down 7 pounds!? Yes I am!! I know that there will never be a loss this great. I always lose the most the first week. However, I am proud.

Things I accomplished last week-
* I did not cheat at all. I stayed with in my points.
* I continued to focus on the over all goal.

Things I commit to this week-
* I will exercise 5 days this week.
* I will continue to stay in the points.

I start back at work today. I am excited to go back and see all of the people that I have missed. I know though that as much as I have missed them over 8 weeks I will miss my Adie more. What can I say, I love that girl!! My concern is that I will hit the wall where I get a little depressed and want to comfort myself with food. I guess we will just have to see what this week brings. :)

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  1. Awesome job Sarah! You Rock! I am so proud of you! Keep up the great work. I love that you are is also so helpful and inspiring for me as well!