Monday, November 29, 2010

Weigh in... Week 3

Is it fair that I have to weigh in the week after Thanksgiving!? The answer will have to be YES!! :)

Here are my stats:
Start weight: 230.5
Week 3: 223
Total Loss: -7.5

That means I lost .5 lbs!! I will take it! I have to be proud of this loss because, well, lets just say I gave us when Thanksgiving hit and had a hard time coming back! I guess that is what starting a diet is all about though, isn't it? Starting over when you stumble. I will not say fall because I did not try to go crazy, but I did stumble from Thursday through Sunday.

Why is this diet so hard? People every day walk around skinny and beautiful. Why do I have such a hard time accomplishing what come so naturally to so many people? I guess the only answer I have for myself... if I am going to be honest, FOOD TASTES SO GOOD!!! I love my food covered and smothered in cheese, bacon, and sour cream! To say to me that I could never have anything that gives me so much pleasure again makes my heart start to pound and I can feel my body go into panic mode. So what I have to do is to learn to control. I have to learn to make better choices. I have to learn to tell the difference between hunger and filling a void. I can do all of that, I just hope it does not take a lifetime.

Things I accomplished last week-
* Losing .5 even during a holiday!
* Coming up with a work out plan!

Things I commit to this week-
* I will continue to record what I eat.
* I will stick to my work out plan. :)

Work out plan, you say? Why yes!! If you know anything about me you will know that the thing I dread most about weight loss is knowing that I will have to work out! I have a wonderful neighbor who has agreed to be my work out buddy. I am so excited about this! I will have to be available and heald accountable by someone who I do not want to let down! We have agreed to do videos, and between the two of us we have some fun things to try! I am so excited for the first time in my life to look at a work out as something to look forward to. :) I am looking at it as social time with a friend with a little sweat involved. :)

I am also excited to see the results next weigh in.

Now this, this is the face that makes it all worth it! :)


  1. Great job Sarah! .5 is 1/2 a pound! You rock!

  2. woOohOo!
    and mason and I both agree, 'awwwww,' what a cute baby you have. =)

  3. AAWWEEEEE Adie!
    Sar-E-I..... I AM SO, SO, SO PROUD OF YOU! CONGRATS to one of the most beautiful, special, and wonderful people I know!! ooxxoo
    heart ya! Ann-E-I