Monday, November 22, 2010

Second Weigh In

Yup! There it is, 223 (add .5). I did not gain this week or lose this week. I stayed the same. Which I guess I could consider a minor success seeing that I did not stick with my goals and many days I let my feelings get the better of me.

What do I mean by letting my feelings get the better of me? Well... I guess you could say I was feeling melancholy all week. I think it was the stress of going back to work with the realization of just how much my life has changed! Not that I am sad about my beautiful daughter at all! I think you morn what you lose no matter if what it is replaced with is a million times better or not. I love Adie with all my heart. She is now my reason for getting up in the mornings!

...but I do morn going out whenever I want. I do morn not having to be available to someone or a machine every 2 hours to feed or pump. I do morn not having the guilt I now feel (even though I know it is not always justified) that I am somehow doing everything as a mother wrong. I do morn... well I could go on and on. It is a huge adjustment and sometimes I feel so alone in making it.

I also think I set my goal a little high at working out 5 days last week. I did not realize how much energy it would take to go back to work! My goodness!! And to think I did it all the time with out a thought before I was pregnant! :)

My weight chart has not changed:
Start weight: 230.5
Week 1: 223.5
Total Loss: -7

Things I accomplished last week-
* I went back to work.

Things I commit to this week-
* I will exercise when I can. I will set my goal low... 2 day this week.
* I will continue to stay in the points.
* I will continue to record what I eat.

This week I am also making a vow:
* I vow to stay positive. Nothing that I have lost brings me more joy that Adie does. I will vow to focus on what I do have and not what I feel I have lost. :)

...and I get to have Thanksgiving with my Family! I could not be more excited!!!!

Thank you all for your support through out the week! I could not be on this adventure with out you!!

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