Friday, November 12, 2010

How can something with out a mouth scream so loud!?

I was talking with my friend yesterday about cravings and we got to talking about that cookie on the counter. You know the one I am talking about... the one that you know you should not have, but somehow it knows your name and it can call it really loud!

What do you do with that cookie? Do you resist it or do you give into its cries? I have tried so many things not to give in... even to the point of destroying it before putting it in the trash, because lets be honest even in the trash it was still calling my name unless I made it in editable!

The only solution that I have found was not to keep it in the house. It is nice to have a husband that does not have a sweet tooth because he will not go out and buy the items that I should not have. However that does not stop me from wanting to grab my keys and run to the grocery store and pick up that doughnut. So where is the happy medium? I can not have no sweets in the house because I will go out and binge, but I also can not keep them in the house because I will eat everything.

I think the best solution is to find low fat, low point items that will curve the cravings. Recently I have discovered 100cal Kettle Corn mini bags and Cheesecake fat free- sugar free pudding. That has really been helping. The portions are good and they satisfy the cravings. Does anyone have any other ideas? What do you like to curve your cravings?


  1. The Jello brand sugar free prepackaged desert type puddings are really good and only one point I like to put a dollop of cool whip on the top! Sometimes we put our strawberries, banana, blueberries, pineapple w/ a little pineapple juice and ice in the bullet and make a smoothie! They are so good and really help to satisfy the sugar craving and also help to get your fruit in for the day. Sometimes I add spinach, it turns it a weird green color, but doesn't seem to affect the taste. So proud of you Sarah!

  2. Bought some extra sugar free gum flavored in mint chocolate chip ice cream. It is so good, and really helps with sugar cravings.......