Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Starting Photos

These photos are not for people with weak stomachs.

Scary! I know!!

I feel ashamed and disappointed in myself when I look at these photos. I think those are the right emotions to feel though. I think with out feeling them, I would not have that drive to continue on.

In this picture I am wearing Size 16 ANA Jeans and a XL shirt. This would be a outfit that I would wear before I was pregnant. FIRST GOAL: Fit into my pre pregnancy cloths.

I was able to remain positive all day yesterday! Things went really well. I took my Grandma to dinner and since I knew where she wanted to go I was able to pre plan for that meal and eat my other meals according. It went well! I stayed in my points. Here is the sad thing about yesterday... and this will go to show you just how strong my addiction to food is. After dinner with Grandma I was feeling good and full. However, on the way home the sick thing that ran through my head was "Oooohhh I am passing a Wendy's" "Yum, I could go for some Burger King." REALLY? What the hell is wrong with me! There is my sturggle in my head every moment of my life!

Today has been going well. I have plenty of points remaining! Hummmm... what to eat for dinner!?

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